The Farm

In the most beautiful archipelago in the world, we run a vegan vegetable garden. In collaboration with fresh arctic air and the gentle influence of the Gulf Stream we grow vegetables for our local community and travellers without a tractor and animal input. We follow traditional gardening techniques, as well as new innovative features and view agriculture as an in-depth study of nature. 

Clean, tasty food is the goal and understanding the processes that take place in the soil, in the plants and in us humans is the method.
The way we grow is inspired by international gardening. Since we grow without a tractor, the only thing that determines the distance between our vegetables is the soil they stand in. We focus on making it as rich as possible, so that it rewards us with wonderful vegetables. With the correct treatment of the soil, the vegetables can stand closer together and we can thus get more food out of less soil, but without depleting it of nutrients and organic matter. By adding compost, natural fertilizer water, ash, seaweed and seashells, we leave the soil richer. We aim to get all the nutrients directly from the farm, so that it works as a complete system. 
To achieve all the tasks manually, there is a lot of physical work on the farm, but the work tasks that we fill our days with are fantastic. The techniques and equipent have been developed by generations of innovative gardeners and problems in this type of cultivation are constantly met with wonderful solutions, which are a great witness to human ingenuity and understanding of nature.
In december 2022 we were finally able to buy our dream farm at Voie on Vestvågøy, 10 minutes away from Leknes. We now have 170 acres and are now in the process of renovating the barn and turning it into a production room. We are building a new greenhouse of 180 square meters and have three airbnb FarmStay rooms available. Follow the adventure via social media!
Everything follows the rhythm of nature. Bioogy is our boss, pure food our salary.
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Nostalgic? Watch this video from Polarhagen before we moved to Voie (this is where it all began...):