Popup kitchen at Polarhagen

Normalpris 920,00 kr
Skatt inkludert

Welcome to our Popup kitchen this summer!

A Popup night with Polarhagen is not only a food experience. Our guests take part in a journey through our wonderful, plant-based ecosystem, a soulful and sensational experience for your taste buds and the intellect. We hope our guest leaves the farm, inspired to eat more ethically, travel more locally, spend less and become more climate-focused. We have learned that the best argument for clean and sustainable food production is served through the gut.

Parsa, who runs Polarhagen with Lisa, is our Popup pizzaiolo under the events. He has attended cooking school, worked in two restaurants in Oslo and Danmark, and studied organic farming at Kalø in Danmark. Last season we had a waiting list on all of our events so it might be smart to book in advance already now!

A ticket to our Popup kitchen is 920 kroners and includes:

  • organic drink to kick off the evening
  • access to the garden
  • all you can eat pizza for three hours
  • a dessert made by Polarhagen
  • tea from the garden
  • during the event Parsa and Lisa will present their farm story, they will explain how they grow food, why they grow food, and what we think we can all do to help mother earth in the future
  • you can purchase organic alcohol and alcohol-free options during the event. We take Vipps and you can also pay by card.

The event starts at 1800 and ends at 2200.

We offer a low income option, so if you feel like you cannot afford to pay 920 based on your current income, feel free to support by paying 700 nok. You will be given the same experience.

Welcome to the most exciting eating experience of the year!

Thank you for supporting Lofotens local farmers!


OBS: our refund policy is that you have to ask for a refund more than 48 hours before the event if you have to cancel your booking.