Plant a tree on the farm

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Hey there, lovely friends of our Veganic Biodynamic Vegetable Farm! 🌿 We've got some big news to share, and it's all about cultivating a brighter, greener future together.

We finally got hold of a big piece of land here in Lofoten, and now we want to plant as many trees on it as possible to create a forest garden. 


Forest gardens, also known as food forests or agroforestry systems, are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural forests while providing food, fuel, fiber, and other resources for human use. There are several reasons why establishing a forest garden can be beneficial:

  1. Biodiversity: Forest gardens promote biodiversity by incorporating a variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, herbs, and ground cover. This diversity creates a resilient ecosystem that is more resistant to pests, diseases, and climate fluctuations.

  2. Sustainability: Forest gardens are a sustainable and regenerative approach to agriculture. By mimicking natural ecosystems, they can help conserve soil, water, and other resources. The diverse plant species work together symbiotically, creating a more stable and self-sustaining system.

  3. Ecosystem Services: Forest gardens provide a range of ecosystem services, such as soil fertility improvement, water filtration, and air purification. The diverse vegetation contributes to the overall health of the ecosystem and can support a variety of wildlife.

  4. Climate Resilience: The diversity in a forest garden makes it more resilient to climate change. Different plants have varying tolerances to temperature, rainfall, and other environmental conditions, reducing the risk of crop failure due to extreme weather events.

  5. Food Security: Forest gardens can yield a variety of crops, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herbs. The mix of perennial and annual plants ensures a continuous and diverse harvest throughout the year, contributing to food security.

  6. Reduced Inputs: Compared to conventional agriculture, forest gardens often require fewer external inputs like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The natural processes within the ecosystem, such as nutrient cycling and pest control, help maintain the health of the garden.

  7. Carbon Sequestration: Trees in forest gardens contribute to carbon sequestration, helping mitigate climate change. They absorb and store carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, making forest gardens a valuable tool for carbon sequestration.

  8. Aesthetic and Recreational Value: Beyond their practical benefits, forest gardens can enhance the aesthetics of a space, providing a peaceful and visually pleasing environment. They can also serve as recreational areas and contribute to the well-being of individuals.

  9. Community and Cultural Connection: Forest gardens often reflect local ecological knowledge and cultural traditions. Establishing and maintaining such gardens can foster a sense of community and preserve cultural practices related to sustainable land use.

  10. Educational Opportunities: Forest gardens can serve as living classrooms, providing opportunities for education on sustainable agriculture, ecology, and the importance of biodiversity. They can be valuable resources for teaching people about the interconnectedness of ecosystems and human well-being.

In summary, forest gardens offer a holistic and sustainable approach to agriculture that benefits the environment, supports biodiversity, and provides a range of resources for human needs.


How does this affect you, you might ask? Well, if you like our project and want to support our work, trying to make the world greener, you can PLANT A TREE on our farm by donating a monthly sum to us. This will help us to nurture our forest garden and create engaging educational videos about vegan food growth! 🌽🥦

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